WEBINARS Online, offline or both

While we love live training, we recognize that this is not always possible or affordable. So no matter where you are in Lao PDR or where your people are, we can deliver training that educates, engages and empowers your team to build their skills and deliver results, offline or online.

Building on the skills the Katalyst team had already developed from years of delivering training to dispersed teams around the world, we make full use of all the online tools currently available, including:

  • Polls.
  • Chat.
  • Breakout groups.
  • Interactive whiteboards.
  • Online collaboration tools.

Together with our participant-focused design and our ability to make the complex seem simple,  we keep our participants actively engaged and bring online training alive.  And just as we do for our live programs, we tailor everything we deliver online to exactly fit your needs.

All of our live programs can be delivered in webinar formats. We’ve also worked with our clients to build a hybrid model that includes both online and live delivery for different parts of the program.