MODERATION Meetings that achieve their purpose

The Katalyst Team has build a strong reputation for moderating and facilitating meetings that produce full engagement and achieve their purpose. The work we’ve done in this area includes:

  • Strategic planning with the HR team of a large business aimed at optimizing service delivery.
  • A series of meetings for an appraisal mission for an international NGO that included contributions from Lao Partners.
  • Reflection and forward planning for a government department project.
  • Strategic planning for an organization focused on supporting mSMEs in Lao PDR.
  • Facilitating dialog between government and NGO participants on a regional project.
  • A series of meetings with the senior leadership and management teams of a large business to come up with a set of values that would support its mission and drive its results.

The meetings we facilitate are engaging, results-focused, and often use our uniqueMeetings to gather and clarify upwards feedback for both NGOs and businesses.

 set of tools and canvases, many of which we have developed specifically to meet the needs of our clients.