TEAM-BUILDING Events that deliver results

Team-building is great, but to produce longer-lasting results, it needs to be team-building that matters.

Most team-building events are like a sugary snack– it feels great in the moment, but the energy boost it produces wears off very quickly. That’s fine if you’re eating a cake, but not a great result if you’re spending a lot of money taking your team away to help them work together more effectively when they return.

Katalyst thinks differently. Working with your team, we design and deliver (or work with you to deliver) a team-building event that includes:

  • a range of fun and engaging indoor and outdoor exercises that help the team strengthen both their relationships and their capabilities.
  • Tools and techniques adapted from LEGO® Serious Play.
  • canvases and tools that promote collaboration and engage team members in discussions that matter to you and them.
  • follow-up work that helps you track what happens afterwards and help you ensure that you have a return on your team-building investment.

Together they produce an event that not only is memorable and fun, and also delivers real results.