Our Passion

about us Our Passion

Katalyst Partners is more than just a training company. We’re a people company. 

Established in 2019 with a mission to bring international training and coaching development to Lao PDR, Katalyst is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential and create positive and meaningful change.

We offer a range of programs that are tailored to the needs and goals of our clients.

Our soft-skills training topics include management and development, leadership, time management, communication, emotional intelligence, teamwork, problem-solving, presentation skills, mindset, and many more. We use interactive and experiential learning methods to ensure that our training is engaging, effective, and fun.

We also provide meeting facilitation, moderation and coaching  that help our clients enhance their performance, confidence, and well-being. Our coaches are certified and experienced professionals who use evidence-based and holistic approaches to support our clients in their personal and professional growth.