Learning Online

LEARNING ONLINE Making learning accessible to all

Katalyst is proud to be at the cutting edge of bringing high-quality international-standard skills and knowledge to people and organizations throughout Lao PDR. The kind of knowledge that’s easily available to people in other parts of the region and the world, but has never before been presented in Lao language – and certainly not online and easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Our recent projects include:

  • Katalyst Learning Minute: a series of short (micro-learning) videos covering key knowledge that can help people everywhere build their skills.
  • mSME Essentials: an online learning series aimed at helping business owners and their teams build key skills.
  • E-commerce for mSMEs: two online learning series that helps businesses and teams build their e-commerce skills.

Whatever you want to do – onboard your people, teach them key skills, or anything else – we can work with you to design, script, shoot, and edit your online learning to help you and your team achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Learn something new – there is always one more thing to learn.” And that’s what our video production team really focus on: making learning accessible so that people can do that easily, every day.